The yibb can help you learn to snowboard in two hours. And you will have a great time along the way!
It functions and steers exactly like other snowboards. But it has one remarkable difference: your feet are free to move. This means you simply step off when you’re about to fall. And step on again to give it another shot.
Less falling means more snowboarding and more fun. So, learn to ride with the Yibb learning method. Welcome on board!

Learn to ride in 7 steps


yibb webshop online

On the 20th of January our Starmall-Webshop was launched! Check it out here. Starmall provides a fan…

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About Us

About us
About us

  It all started in an industrial design studio in Rotterdam in 2003.  Fred Montijn and…

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yibb specs and description
yibb specs and description

The Yibb consists of two handles (1 Pair) that can be mounted on any normal snowboard. You just remo…

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Contact us
Contact us

We love to Yibb but we also love to talk about the Yibb. So if you want to talk, share stories, ask …

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